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One of the latest 650 square feet north face house plan design with 2 bedroom hall kitchen common bathroom with stairs outside the house.


  • Room size details
  • outer wall size
  • inner wall sizes
  • window size details
  • cost of construction
  • Time required for construction
  • Column size and number of bar size
  • Basement size parking height

25 x 27 north face house plan map

This is 650 square feet small house plan map design with 2 bed room hall kitchen with 1 bathroom and side stairs outside house.

25 X 27 North Face 2 BHK House Plan Map 9 Lakh Only

650 square feet north face house plan with all cost details

Room size details

The house plan has total 2 bedroom 1 hall 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom with outside 1 stairs

parking size details

6 feet by 14 feet

bike parking located at the north east corner of the house with 2 bike parked easily over here and enough space available.

parking 6 feet by 14 feet

parking tile 40 rupees per square feet and provided with flower design. 100 together tiles been provided with good looking design.

stairs with 6 inches riser and tread with 11 inch. Around 18 steps provided.

stairs details sizes

size 13 x 6 feet


There are 16 number of steps with 15 risers and 17 treads including 1 landings for rest purpose. Width taken 3 feet wide. 12 mm bars provided at the base main bars and 8 mm bars as distribution bars. supported at the 9 inch main wall laterite stones as the main purpose used.

Hall size details

Hall size 13 feet 3 inch by 12 feet

140 square feet big hall at north east corner of the house with 2 window, of size 4 feet by 4 feet and sliding glass provided. television unit at the kitchen wall size with single brick work added. check out the below image for more details of hall room.

hall 13 feet by 12 feet at the north east corner

Inner and outer wall with size 9 inches added for good safety purpose. main door size with 5 feet by 7 feet with teak door. cost of teak door around 35000 and depend on the type of materials.

Bedroom first

bedroom is located at the north west corner of the house with cupboard shelves and 2 windows. first window at the south side wall. well the second window at the west wall with 4 feet by 4 feet. laterite stones used all over the house.

1st bedroom

above details are sufficient. next we discuss about the bedroom 2 with size dimensions.

second bedroom size

size 10 feet by 12 feet

The second bedroom at the south west corner of the house with size 10 feet by 12 feet with two windows provided and size as 4 feet by 4 feet. there is continue passage of light air and saving.

bedroom 2

As the bedroom with attached bathroom and for both general purpose. one of the best place for head of the family with all good science.

size of outer wall

9 inch outer wall

The walls are of 9 inch with single brick laterite stone and size provided of length 12 inch breadth 9 inch and height of 6 inch. This stones are most commonly in some of places south sides.

size of inner wall

single brick 4 inch partition wall

The partition wall of single brick used for house construction purpose with red brown color used for the house construction.

what should be the size of window for hall kitchen bedroom

hall window 6 feet by 4 feet

bed room window 4 feet by 4 feet

bathroom window 2 feet by 2feet

kitchen window 4 feet by 3 feet

In hall the purpose to provide bigger window is to have natural light air and ventilation with all the facilities of natural added.

bed room 2 window and in kitchen single window with smaller size.

Cost of construction

10 lakh

For this 650 square feet house construction total 10 lakh rupees need for the house and 6 column provided and with rod size details will be provided below

Time required for house construction

12 months

Number of days required for this plan construction around 12 months need and if the construction starts in summer then it can complete soon.

size of column with bara size details in column

9 by 15 inch

use 16 mm 6 bars

here for this house construction use 9 by 15 inch column size with 16 mm 6 bars provided and the cost per column around 35000 rupee need.

Height of basement and parking height details

3 feet parking height

5 feet basement height

Here the basement height provided for parking 3 feet and suppose if want to park bike or car use 2 feet basement height and use 5 feet best for it

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