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house under 10 lakh
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Beautiful House Construction Under 10 lakh only with interior

Beautiful House Construction Under 10 lakh only with interior. Today in this blog you will get information about one the most beautiful house with interior design. House Under 10 Lakh

This new house specially constructed in 2024 let’s have a look about this house. The house is simple and best with latest color painting design idea.

Interior design of hall

  • interior design of hall with main door and window
  • Door size 5 feet by 7 feet
  • Window size 4 feet by 4 feet
  • Latest false ceiling design in house
  • Bedroom door size 3 feet by 7 feet height
  • color with dark blue and light yellow
  • Profile light included in it

Hall size 10 feet by 15 feet wide with a room height of 10 feet and false ceiling provided in it.

In hall a teak wood main door with size 5 feet by 7 feet height along with that a small window provided at the west wall of the house.

  • Size of Window 4 feet by 4 feet with aluminum glass Work provided in it. There is a small entry into the bedroom located at the North East corner of the house.
  • The door ready made & wooden work made very good and looking best at the floor black tiles has used in it House Under 10 Lakh
  • Hall located at the middle of the plot. The total plot size 40 feet in width and 30 feet in length.

Size and details of bedroom house construction under 10 lakh

This house construction under 10 lakh budget

This beautiful house construction under 10 lakh only with bedroom interior design.

  • size of bedroom 10 feet by 12 feet
  • includes fan window tv unit area with bedroom attached toilet and bath
  • Pop border line at the corner of the house
  • attached bathroom at the north east corner of the house

First of all the house has a best bedroom with size of 10 feet by 12 feet size bedroom at the north east corner of the house. At the north side wall the simple small window provided with size 2 feet in length and 4 feet height.

A aluminum Glass provided at the north wall of the house with light yellow color used in it. Dark pink with branded color used at the east wall of the house. Ceiling slab used white color to enhance the beauty of the room.

TV unit platform in hall

A tv unit platform in hall for beautiful house construction under 10 lakh

A small tv unit provided in hall with all the cement provided in it with best interior design of the house.

  • sky blue and pale yellow color in the hall
  • size of tv unit with 10 by feet by 7 feet.
  • Cement shelves used to make this design.
  • Dark highlight color used in hall ceiling.
  • 3 surface ceiling lights used in it.
  • a simple fan provided in it.
  • thick ness of shelves 1 inch provided in it.
  • House Under 10 Lakh

A small medium size hall with size 10 feet in width and 17 feet in length with small tv unit area provided in it. The thickness of the shelves of size 1 inch and the tv height provided at the height 3 feet with good finishing.

A good and simple type of color vibrant provided in it. A small socket with electric wires provided in it with 1 socket and 2 plugs in it. Now we will se some more images of the house all construction cost details used here.

https://youtu.be/jxK2z4C9yvY?si=C1jG_xm3q1Gghl9m Watch full video on you tube

A front elevation design of the house main gate design

Beautiful house construction under 10 lakh has very big wide car parking gate.

  • This is the outer image of the house with size 40 feet wide
  • at font 4 pillars provided in it
  • 30 feet wide road at the front size
  • Front elevation design of the house simple and good looking.
  • Compound wall with the texture design provided in it.
  • Mild steel fabrication design steel gate used for this

At the outside of the house with 30 feet wide road and at the entrance there is small bike parking along with sufficient car parking space provided in it. Main gate size 16 feet wide with 5 feet height.

Main gate size details with price

Now a days the price of the fabrication charge increased by 10 percent. per kg the take 85 rupees per square feet. with all the molding work along with transportation charge.

  • Per kg 85 rupees fabrication charge
  • Cost of steel pipes 65 rupees per kg.
  • making charge 20 rest extra
  • width of gate 16 feet with weight 200kg.
  • Total cost of gate 20 thousand rupees only.

Size of car parking details

  • For the beautiful house construction under 10 lakh has car parking 16 feet by 15 feet.
    • cars can park easily in to the house
    • 10 number bike parking space in it
    • best and beautiful plan provided by the engineer.

At the north side of the house a small compound wall provided in it. up to a height of 3 feet. Design round shape parking double charge tiles provided in it. Wall elevation front side tiles provided in it. cost per box it is 300 rupees


Design of simple stairs

  • Provided at the south west corner of house
  • 6 inch riser and 1 feet tread
  • Stainless steel railing design per feet 400 rupees running
  • landing below common toilet and bath
  • Wall elevation tiles.

Size of staircase with 6 feet in wide and 15 feet in length with granite stones provided in it at the side granite skirting with3 inch height. Stainless steel railing with high quality aluminum tailing used.

Design of teak wood Main door design

Teak wood is one of the most common and useful in making of main doors for the house with all doors and windows made by teak wood is long lasting. The color of the wood is more vibrant and looks more beautiful design of the house.

  • Size of main door total 5 feet wide with single vertical window included in it.
  • Price of glass 30 rupees per square feet.
  • price of wood 2000 rupees per feet 144 square inches
  • Door polish with high glossy wood touch provided in it.

Beautiful House Construction Under 10 Lakh Bedroom size 9 by 11 feet.

The size of the bed room with 9 feet by 11 feet dimensions with size of 100 square feet with details size included in it. Bedroom located at the north east corner of house included common toilet and bathroom.

Size of shelves 5 feet wide with 1 inch thickness and a simple socket provided with door size 3 feet by 7 feet with small window at the west side of the house.

  • Flooring size white tiles provided in it with 2 feet by 2 feet tiles. Door size 3 by 7 feet
  • Color used pink dark with yellow design of the house.
  • Granite border used surrounding door size.

Size of best bedroom size details

One of the best and good beautiful bedroom with size details provided with yellow color and pink dark color used in it.

White color tiles used in the house price of tile is 200 rupees per square feet. price of door is 3000 per piece. and color code as provided

Best quality switch board for house

A 12 model GM quality switch board provided in the house with grey color. There are lot of advantages of using the grey color boards wont get dirty in the house. The switch buttons used in the house

Price of this 12 model board ranges from 200 rupees to 300 rupees depends on the requirements on the city.

Modular small size kitchen design size

A small size kitchen at south east corner of house with detail dimensions of window size 4 feet by 3 feet at height. Small size elevation tiles used in it with granite plat form in the house.

Granite platform with interior elevation tiles on south east wall of house. Floor wooden tiles used in the house. For sink the cutting edges according to the sink design provided in it.

Puja room teak wood main door design

This is the door used for the puja room door design with teak wood with the size of 3 feet wide inner to inner. the size of puja room is 3 feet by 5 feet inside.

below are the few images which will provide you best information about the house construction and design details of the house.

False ceiling design of the house

The square feet rate of false ceiling design is 45 to 50 rupees depend on the type and the quality provided by the person. House Under 10 Lakh

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