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Latest Aluminum Window Grill Fabrication Design with related images and price. 10 Granite window Frames

10 Latest Aluminum Window Grill Fabrication Design

There are different materials used for making window and few of them listed below.

  • Wooden widow
  • Aluminum window
  • Plastic window
  • Fiber window
  • Iron window
  • UPVC (Un plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Steel window
  • Composite window

There are many types of windows which we use in day today life. So these are the above few discussion about which we are going to study. 10 Granite window Frames

UPVC Aluminum Window Design With Corner

This is a corner window with a 2 angle view from the bedroom or from sit out and it looks so beautiful viewing.

  • Size of window 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet
  • Cost of window 400 rupees per square feet
  • Light Black cooling glass with white border frame design
  • Used in front of house
  • 10 Granite window Frames

The most popular trending window design in 2024 with lot of demand in the market. The time required to construct this type window around 3 to 4 days period of time. This type of window is simple and beautiful with good looking.

10 Latest Aluminum Window Grill Fabrication Design Material used in this window 10 Granite window Frames

Fiber mix window design with aluminum composite material used for this type of window. White color is the best and good looking enhanced with beauty. 10 Latest Aluminum Window Grill Fabrication Design.

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Granite Frame over window with fabrication work

A high glossy black granite over the window frame has been done with fabrication work and mild steel iron rods used as a safety grill work.

There are so many things to keep in mind about the safety work and it should strong enough to with held the force of the rods. The rods used at the distance of 4 inch with a total weight of 25 kg grill work.

  • 10 mm and 12 mm rods used for safety work of window
  • bottom 4 inch gap provided
  • Window used at a height of 3 feet as sill level
  • grove work has used with size 1 inch used
  • Total weight of 25 kilo gram

3 Feet by 4 Feet Square shaped window Frame Design

Components used are Granite Frame work with Z black galaxy Along with Aluminum Window profile work. Square shaped pipe size window fabrication work.

Method of application of window grill work design

The mode of application placing window grill work over the granite is as below discussed. This is one of the most treading and regular work which has been used over day by day. A half inch size window grill used over here for the formation of this type grills.

  • The price of window grill price ranges from 65 kg to 100 kg
  • The price vary from place to place with the difficulty in the design.
  • Per window it will cost around 15000 to 20000 and it will be depend on the owner portion.

10 UPVC Latest Aluminum Window Grill Fabrication Design with grill work

A size of 4 feet by 6 feet window design from the right angle view of the house with best interior design work. The black granite work border frame work has been done over here for more compatible and design work.

  • Best and beautiful granite work with few interior design
  • South side granite with interior work
  • Simple granite work with difficult fabrication work
  • Shelves work

Front view of outer window frame work design with labor charge price details

By taking an example of the size 4 feet by 5 feet or else with a size of 4 feet by 4feet with exact square shape work we discuss about the labor charge of the granite work.

size of window with labor charge 10 Granite window Frames

Let us consider the window granite price in the market as 110 rupees per square feet and total need of about 4 by 4 by 4 by 4 feet so its running feet of about 16 square feet as running granite work.

16 total square feet multiply by 110 rupees and it costs you around 1760 rupees granite material required for the window frame work and then price of labor charge 2000 rupees per frame.

After that a window 400 rupees per square feet by 16 rupees so it cost 6400 rupees. The safety grills which used for the window frame of 80 rupees per square feet with 25 kg per window and it cost 2000 rupees.

  • Per window with labor charge total cost 14 thousand rupees 14000
  • Total estimated window 10 then it cost 140000 rupees.
  • one lakh forty thousand rupees.

Check out the few different granite window design with real images

A high glossy super beautiful granite design with interior frame work with width of size 1 feet wide and 18 feet as running feet. Window grill work with size of 10 mm rods provided in to the frame.

  • Cost of this granite frame simple and sweet one with 2000 rupees lumpsum.
  • 15 kg grill used in it
  • best as compared to the other type of granite frame work.

Un Plasticized poly vinyl chloride window frame work design

Now a days New type of work is going on as the curtain work provided as these are made from the cloth type work. Now Can compare Both the window provided at the same time with both window at same time.

Check out the few more images of the granite window frame designs with lot of additional work.

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Cost of Wooden window frame work design with high glossy grill work with price

One of the most classical and oldest type of window frame work is wooden window design. Grills placed over the window frame work with openable window design.

  • Wooden natural color with almond skin color and oil paint work
  • black grill work used for it with paint work.
  • cost of paint per liter 200 rupees and depend on the type of brand

Box frame granite window design

Among all the simple frame work design this is one of the other type of design called as box frame work granite design. The L Pattern design is provided in this type of granite frame work. This type of Granite frame takes longer time compared to the the smaller size design and it would be more sufficient and easy to check out.

Box type window frame design 10 granite window frames

Very few people will make this type of window frame design work

10 UPVC Latest aluminum window grill fabrication design 0 Granite window Frames

Here in this you can check out the latest corner window design with 2 side viewing with a single window frame work design.

Latest window frame granite work design with in built curtain

This is the another form of window frame work design with the best Interior design of the house and looks more beautiful and elegant compared to the other frame work design.

Zebra curtains used in this window as white stripes and is more beautiful. To remove the curtain have to rotate the strips or the blinds for the window.

Window frame without the blinds 10 Granite window Frames

After opening of the window frame this type of look will be provided over here and it looks more beautiful compared to the other type of work as can be seen.

Kitchen room window design idea

As in the kitchen this is another type of window frame work design has been made and it looks like 2 windows provided over here. As window from sill level 4 feet height and width of about 3 feet with 3 feet in dimensions.

  • Here above are the different types of window frames provides with cost and design
  • All house construction common used granite work with interior design

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