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30 x 40 East face 2 BHK House Walkthrough interior images latest 30 40 East face 2 Bedroom House plan images with interior design house walkthrough modern ultra luxury

one of the most unique and different house walkthrough with interior design of the house under 18 lakh budget. latest 30 40 East face 2 Bedroom House plan images with interior design og house walkthrough modern ultra luxury

Topics Covered in this post

  • House walkthrough
  • interior design information
  • cost of construction
  • outside elevation design
  • cost of construction step by step
  • Time required for house construction
  • Structural design details

2 Bedroom 1 hall 1 kitchen house plan design plan

latest 30 40 East face 2 Bedroom House plan images with interior design og house walkthrough modern ultra luxury

hall interior design with door
  • Hall design of the house
  • Hall size 10 feet by 15 feet
  • Door size 4 feet wide
  • Opening size 4 feet wide with 2 bedroom
  • Window size 4 feet by 4 feet
  • Granite used 100 rupees per square feet
  • Design Shelf

As the house with interior of the hall looks very good and beautiful with latest color combination provided. Teak wood door provided with high glossy polish applied over the wood to give a beautiful look and attractive design. White ash grey tiles provided in the hall floor to give elegant look in it. At the side opening Granite border provided so that while cleaning it will be more easier for the person. Color combination provided with latest paints ideas.

Front elevation design of the house with color combination idea

west face front elevation 30 feet wide double floor
  • 30 feet wide elevation design of house
  • Easy entrance ramp provided
  • Garden grill work design
  • Simple compound wall elevation design of the house
  • Mild steel gate design of the house
  • Front side balcony railing design of the house
  • In between staircase design

This one is the west face House front elevation design of the house with unique front elevation. Beautiful and 5 star rating house elevation design of the house with most unique design of the house built ted in the society. At the right side full opening with L shape structure brick work art provided in it. Two window glass provided at the front side with transparent glass. Head room tower with Glass design.

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30 x 40 east face house plan 2 bedroom

TV unit area with back side bathroom

In this house bathroom provided in the hall so that there is no any privacy for the family members of the house along with looks little bad. This is one of the most major dis advantage of the house.

modern tv unit design in hall
  • TV unit with furniture design cost 50k
  • Granite grey ash border for all openings
  • Latest false ceiling in the hall
  • Black granite border frame for the house granite
  • Decent Furniture color for the house.
  • Modern western wash basin commode one piece for the house.

Sufficient space for the house with for 50 members family can stay in the house in the living area of the house. From hall it self we can enter into the kitchen and bathroom along with in to the bedroom of the house. Only one disadvantage of the house is there is no privacy for the common toilet in the hall. At the south east corner of the house kitchen along with one small puja room provided.

Kitchen L platform at south east corner of house

A small size kitchen at the south east corner of the house with size 10 by 10 feet with sufficient space provided.

modern fully furnished kitchen design
  • Kitchen size 10 by 8 feet
  • Located at south east corner
  • Fully modern design
  • Semi furnished kitchen with chimney for smoke
  • Black high glossy granite
  • Under platform storage material
  • Granite provided in kitchen

One of the best and modern beautiful semi furnished kitchen located at the south east corner of the house. Total cost of construction of furniture design around 1.5 lakh for design purpose.

Puja room size 3 feet by 4 feet

A small puja room of size 3 feet in wide along with 4 feet feet length provided. Teak wood with best high quality wooden door for puja room.

low cost puja room design with tiles
  • 3 feet by 5 feet puja room
  • small size with white tiles for wall elevation
  • Plat from 1 feet 6 inch height
  • A small wooden work provided in it
  • Two opening doors for easy movement

One of the small and spacious and best puja room provided in the house with all the basic needs. Depends on the family requirements and person of the house the size of puja room been decided over it.

Hand wash design with 3 feet wide costs 2000 rupees

Here the hand wash along with small mirror provided with elevation tiles on it. A small towel holder used over it for placing cloth after wash

hand wash design with table top counter
  • 3 feet wide hand wash
  • vertical wall mounted wash basin
  • granite work along with small skirting tiles at side wall
  • Bath room beside hand wash

Flooring tiles in bedroom

Per square feet 100 rupees granite tiles provided and this grey ash color tiles are simple and beautiful t see it.

latest tiles and granite in bedroom
  • wall color dark yellow with off cream yellow
  • furniture work provided over it
  • skirting tiles used over wall area

When choosing a granite color for flooring, consider the overall color scheme of the space, the desired atmosphere, and how the granite will complement other design elements. Additionally, it’s helpful to view samples in different lighting conditions to get a better sense of how the color will appear in your specific environment.

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cupboard work in bedroom with latest design of house

Cupboards: A Blend of Style and Storage

Furniture cupboards are essential elements in any well-designed space, seamlessly combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. These versatile pieces of furniture are designed to provide ample storage while contributing to the overall style and organization of a room.

furniture cupboard in bedroom design with cost
  • furniture cupboards are more than just storage solutions; they are integral elements of interior design that contribute to the overall functionality and beauty of a space. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a discreet storage solution, there’s a cupboard out there to meet your needs and elevate the style of your home
  • this type will cost 30 thousand rupees for building high quality designs for the house construction
  • Grey along with white color provided over it with ample of texture design over it looks good and beautiful over it.

Best idea Furniture over cement shelves

Furniture over cement shelves provide so that the ere can save maximum mount of money for the house construction field. Plywood sheet over the cement looks good and cover over the shelfs.

furniture wood work over cement shelf
  • Affordable and looks good
  • build quality super
  • best in the market
  • simple and beautiful
  • money saving idea for house construction
  • less time and durable

Best colors for walls

latest 30 40 East face 2 Bedroom House plan images with interior design og house walkthrough modern ultra luxury

Choosing a color for your walls is a personal decision and that depends on your style, preferences, and the mood which you want to create in the space.

  1. Neutral Tones
    • White: Clean, fresh, and versatile. It opens up spaces and provides a timeless backdrop.
    • Beige Warm and inviting, these neutral tones create a cozy atmosphere.
    • Gray: Modern and sophisticated, gray tones range from cool to warm, offering a neutral yet stylish look.
  2. Cool Colors
    • Blue: Calming and serene, different shades of blue can evoke a sense of tranquility.
    • Green: Fresh and nature-inspired, green brings a touch of the outdoors inside.
    • Purple: Depending on the shade, purple can be soothing or vibrant, adding a touch of luxury.
  3. Warm Colors
    • Warm Beige or Tan: Comforting and classic, these colors create a cozy and timeless feel.
    • Terracotta or Rust: Earthy and warm, these tones add a touch of warmth and character.
    • Yellow: Energetic and uplifting, yellow can bring positivity to a space.
  4. Bold Colors:
    • Deep Blue or Navy: Adds a sense of drama and sophistication.
    • Forest Green: Bold and grounding, forest green can make a statement in the right setting.
  5. Accent Wall:
    • Choosing one wall for a pop of color can add interest without overwhelming the space.
room wall color combination design idea

Total cost of construction of the house

  • 20 lakh rupees for the house construction
  • simple and beautiful look for the house
  • rich and bold color for the house
  • looks good and beautiful
  • best design
  • 12 columns for house construction
  • 2 bedroom hall kitchen house
  • required 12 to 14 months for house construction
  • 12 mm and 16mm rods used in the house for construction

latest 30 40 East face 2 Bedroom House plan images with interior design og house walkthrough modern ultra luxury

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