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3d front elevation design
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40 x 50 East Face 2 BHK house Plan With 3D Front Elevation 3 floor house design with latest front elevation design

In this today going to explain about the one of the most beautiful design of the house plan consists of 3 floor design it has total 3 floor construction and construction with the total cost of the house.

Below we are going to discuss about the following details about which we are going to explain lets have look about it.

High lights about discussion

  • 40 x 50 east west north south house front elevation design with details
  • Two type of front elevation design with cost of construction
  • Size details about the house construction
  • Ground floor plan with room details
  • First floor plan with room size details
  • Second and last floor plan with room size details and cost
  • Total cost of construction for house
  • Column size with design details
  • Ground floor basement size
  • Main door size Window size Cup board shelves design

1) 40 x 50 East Face 2 BHK Plan With 3D Front Elevation type 1 design details

This house constructed in area of about 2000 square feet with main gate at east side and enough car parking provided with all sufficient size. The front design given wooden texture to have classic look over it. This design looks cool with better color combinations.

Latest 2000 square feet 3d front elevation design with color combination type 1

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This is the front view of the building with 3 car parking provided with 3d designs. The main entrance provided with big gate consists of steel or sliding gate. Front side wooden frame provided with 2 feet wide and it has the few details provided as show.

  • Stairs provided at the south east corner of house with front space provided of 3 feet width and 9 inch brick work
  • Compound wall color provided white to have decent look and with ramp provided
  • Outside look and frame work with decent color applied
  • At the stairs side elevation tiles provided with one small elevation bulb at the middle of house
  • At the third floor a small acrylic sheet net used to have good appearance with lights
  • Small led bulbs used in slab to have better loo and design with few small ideas embedded in it slab work
  • A small head room of size 7 feet with slab concrete work

2) 40 by 50 2000 square feet different type 2 design with all details

Same type of design but one or the other few changes provided in it with few other important work used which consists of the following designs

Below you can check out the few details provided in it with other type of design

www. Awesome House Plan .com

  • This design is simple and one of the most attractive design of house consists of 3 floor with few details and few details below
  • The design consists of a hall with bed and led bulbs included in it with continue included in it.
  • At the top 3 feet parapet wall provided with simple wall design and small brick in between provided in it.
  • At the top of head room 3 warm lights provided to look more good beautiful design.
  • Around 3 cars parked or can park easily in the parking area
  • Below are the few important designs which you can see the plan and all the room dimensions in it.

3) Size and details of the house with all design dimensions of the house construction plan

Ground floor plan design with plan details

Ground floor plan consists of 2 bed room one hall with common bath room and kitchen with 2 feet offset area around area and at the front side there is open space provided in it.

There are 4 rooms with 9 by 15 inch column provided with 6 bars of 16 mm rods provided and 8 mm rods used in it

  • Parking with 23 feet 8 inch by 31 feet at the north east corner of the house with 9 by 15 inch column provided
  • stair size 7 feet wide with 15 feet around 20 stairs in it
  • Main door at north side of house with main gate at east face house of design.
  • Septic tank provided at south east corner of house with size details of 4 feet wide 10 feet length 8 feet deep
  • check out the size details of the septic tank as discussed below with practically as shown in video link
septic tank size details with dimensions

This septic tank made up of laterite stone with 2 layer provided in with 3 block and it costs around 50 thousand for the house construction with design and it includes slab above it.

With few more steps included in it with 3 feet inside blocks at the second side with under ground open with size 2 feet by 1 feet.

Parking size 23 feet by 31 feet

a) The parking at the north east corner of house with size 700 square feet with 9 by 15 inch with around 4 car parking size easily parked over it.

Hall size 12 feet by 14 feet

Hall located at the south side of the house with size 200 square feet with television located at bed room wall and size of wall is 9 inch

Attach bath room 4 feet by 7 feet

Bath room with size 4 feet by 7 feet with size 28 square feet located at south side of the house.

Bedroom 12 feet by 10 feet at south east corner house

Bedroom located at the south east corner of the house with 12 by 10 feet and its loaded with furniture design.

First floor plan design with plan details

40 by 50 first floor plan with front elevation design
  • owner portion with balcony at north east side of house with size 12 feet by 21 feet 3 inch with small sit out at the outside house can place there
  • owner portion consists of 3 bed room with kitchen with dinning area included in it and 2 attached bath room with single pooja room
  • hall size 14 feet by 1 feet 3 inch in with tv placed at south wall with sitting position at north wall side of house
  • There are 3 bedrooms including 2 attached bath rooms in it and 1 common bath room
  • Master bed room size 11 feet by 12 feet 4 inch and 2nd bed room of children at north west corner of the house size 12 feet by 11 feet along with the 3rd bed room of size 14 feet by 12 feet as provided.
  • Kitchen along with dinning area of size 10 by 11 feet and located at south east corner of house

This is one of the most beautiful house in this segment and few of them are provided in other list of house

Second floor design with details of house

First of all check out the plan details of the house following design details

second floor two portion rental portion design details

This is second floor rental portion design details with 2 BHK rent with owner portion of house and one portion at the north side and the other at the east face house the house with few design details provided in it

The size of hall is 10 by 18 feet 6 inch and the other 2 bed rooms with size of 13 feet 6 inch by 10 feet along with utility and common bath room included in it

5) column size with bar size details in it

The size of column used is 9 by 15 inch with 16 mm 8 bars provided in it and the size of lateral ties used of 6 mm and 8 mm hence this is most sufficient.

40 mm covering provided in it with cover blocks provided and then some most use full details.

21 days continues curing to need for concrete work.

6) size of door window and main gate details

Main door size with 5 feet 6 inch opening provided at the time of construction of wall and opening for bed room doors with size of 3 feet 3 inch which is standard height of the lintel level

The standard size of window is 5 feet by 4 feet in hall and then the standard height of window in bed room used 4 feet by 4 feet which is most sufficient and enough for it.

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