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Room size and room position

Cost of construction

wall size

Window position

Size of column

Number of column and rod size details

parking height and basement height

18 x 33 South Face 2bhk House Plan Map


The size of the plot is 18 by 33 feet with 2 bedroom 1 hall 1 kitchen 1 common toilet and bathroom attached which is included in the plan. in this total 12 columns with size 9 inch by 15 inch used. this plan is south face where the stairs located at the south west corner of the house

Window used are in this house are 7 window and 1 main door with 2 bedroom door 1 puja room door 1 bathroom door and one main gate which is of steel gate

Room size and room position

  • Room size

The size of parking is 14 feet by 8 feet 6 inch and at the south east corner of the house

8 feet wide main gate of steel for entrance and for security purpose

Hall is located at the south west corner of the house. The size of hall 14 feet by 9 feet including 1 big window at the west wall of size 6 feet by 5 feet which is enough for natural ventilation of air and light

  • Dinning area

Dinning area is at the middle of the house and the size is 6 by 10 feet which is small enough to eat for two persons and can make as a passage area to go inside bedrooms also and to kitchen

  • kitchen

Kitchen room size is 6 feet 3 inch by5 feet at south east corner of the house and one small window size 4 feet by 3 feet

18 x 33 south face house plan
  • puja room

Puja room is necessary in all house plans specially in Indians house. It is located at the east face side of the house and with size 3 feet by 5 feet.

  • A small diagonal shape ventilator is included in it so that air and sun rays continue pass through it with a healthy environment
  • Size of bedrooms

There are two number of bedrooms one is at the north east corner of the house with size 9 feet by 9 feet.

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the second bedroom size is 9 feet by 8 feet 9 inch which is located at the north west corner of the plan.

see the above image

Cost of construction

15 Lakh rupees

need for cost of construction of this plan in practical with the manual work.

Time required around 9 months which is common for all houses.

Wall size details

9 inch outer wall

4 inch inner wall

The outer wall been taken as 9 inches with 2 bricks and the inner partition wall been taken as single brick

Window position and size

Hall window 6 feet by 5 feet

in hall the window size can be taken as 6 feet by 5 feet located at the west middle of the wall on 9 inch two brick work

Bedroom window 4 feet by 4 feet

bedroom 1 window size 4 feet by 4 feet at the north face middle

in second bedroom window at west face size 4 feet by 4 feet

kitchen window 4 feet by 3 feet

kitchen located at the south east corner of the house and the window at the east face of the house. window at east side with size 4 feet by 3 feet and taken 4 feet above the ground

puja room 2 feet by 2 feet

In the puja room the diamond shape opening been taken and it looks good and beautiful also

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Size of column and rod details

9 inch by 15 inch

16 mm 6 bars

8 mm ring

10 mm footing mat

In this house construction the size of the column been taken as 9 by 15 inch.

the size of the size of ring 8 mm or you can use 6 mm also which is good enough for practice

in footing the mat size 4 by 4 feet use 10 mm bars at a distance spacing 6 inch with L bend

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Parking height and basement height

2 feet 6 inch parking height

18 x 33 South Face 2bhk House Plan Map

5 feet basemen height

As in this the height of parking to be taken as 2 feet 6 inch and it will avoid entrance of unknown objects in to the house which plays a major role.

if the road already exits then the height is enough and would not allows you to entre water in house

Note in short

  • cost of construction 15 lakh
  • time required for construction 9 months
  • size of column 9 by 15 inch
  • total columns 12
  • outer wall 9 inch
  • partition wall 4 inch
  • parking height 2 feet 6 inch
  • basement height4 feet above ground level

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