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Hi my self civil engineer sushant in this page i going to explain about some of the important and recently held junior assistant exam on sunday august 2022 exam all solved papers with answer key.

Computer Literacy

In this 20 questions has been asked now we will find one by one with the following details as explained below. Now let us discuss about all the questions one by one.

1 Which of the following functions is used to find the highest number in a series of numbers?

A Highest (b1:b3)

B Max (B1:B3)

C Maximum (B1:B3)

D HIGH (B1:B3)


2 if value in A1 is MCQ and in B1 is questions which of the function will return MCQ @ Questions in cell?

Ans =A1+”@”+B1

3 You can embed an MS organization chart in a slide by

A pressing Ctrl + N

B Clicking the object command on the edit menu

C Clicking the organization chart button on the standard tool bar

D Clicking the insert new slide button on the standard tool bar then double clicking the organization chart button on the formatting tool bar

Ans D Clicking the insert new slide button on the standard tool bar then double clicking the organization chart button on the formatting tool bar

4 The auto shape tool provides

A only 3D shapes

B Any shapes you want to add on a slide

C commonly found shapes

D clip art shapes

Ans clipart shapes

5) which of the following provides a means of printing out feature notes with a miniature slide on a printed page?

A Audience handout

B slide with animation

C outline view

D notes pages

Ans A Audience handout

6 The arrangement of elements such as title and subtitle text pictures tables is called?

A scheme

B layout

C presentation

D design

Ans B layout

7 which shortcut key inserts a new slide in the current presentation?

A ctrl + F

B Ctrl + N

C Ctrl + M

D Ctrl + S

Ans C Ctrl + M

8 The program compresses large files into a smaller file.

A win map

B WinZip

C win style

D Win Shrink

Ans B Win Zip

9 Recently deleted files are stored in my computer?

A Recycle bin

B desktop taskbar

C Desktop

D Taskbar

Ans A Recycle Bin

10 which of the following runs on computer hardware and serves as a platform for other software to run on?

A program System

B Operating System

C application software

D system software

Ans B operating system

11 To send email we use

A Netscape Navigator

B MS-Excel

C Outlook Explorer


Ans C Outlook Explorer

12 BIOS was is used by

A application software

B operating system

C compiler

D interpreter

Ans B Operating system

13 Unicode standard is a

A character encoding system

b keyboard layout

c software air

D front

Ans A character encoding system

14 DOS stand for

A disk operating system

B dummy operating system

C DOS operating system

D dirty operating system

Ans D dirty operating system

15 what does ctrl + Z do

A paste the contents from clipboard

B undo the last section

C Redo the last action

D add a new page

Ans B Undo the last section

16 what is the shortcut key to split a table?

A alt space enter

B control alt enter

C control shift enter

D alt Shift Enter

Ans C control shift enter

17 when a hyperlink is created word formats the web address as?

A underlined and coloured blue

B italicized and coloured red

C italicized and coloured blue

D underlined and coloured red

Ans A underlined and colored blue

18 except for the function if formula with a logical function shows the word true or false as a result?

A not

B if

C and

D or

Ans IF

19 what does the VLOOKUP function do?

A arranges data in ascending order

B looks up text that contains v

C checks whether text is the same in one cell as in the next

D find related records

Ans D find related records

20 the shortcut key to replace a data with another in excel spreadsheet is

A ctrl + n

B ctrl + r

C ctrl + shift + r

D ctrl + H

Ans Ctrl + H

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