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In this blog we are going to discuss about the center line plan of south face with 3 bedroom house plan.

High Lights of discussion

  • house plan
  • Total number of rooms
  • column size and column position
  • size of column
  • room size details
  • cost of construction
  • center line plan discussion
  • total number of columns
  • room size details
  • size of outer wall

Here are the few images which we are going to show you about this house plan with all details and discuss about it.

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This is the house plan of the house with the 3 bed room house plans

Number of rooms in this house plan

  • parking for car
  • Drawing room
  • dinning room
  • kitchen
  • common bathroom
  • bed room 1
  • bed room 2
  • open to sky
  • store room

size of room details

  • Parking 12 feet x 16 feet
  • drawing room 12 feet by 8 feet 6 inch
  • bathroom size 6 by 8 feet
  • kitchen 6 by 8 feet 3 inch
  • bed room 1 10 feet x 12 feet
  • bed room 2 10 feet by 12 feet same

Two bed room size details

Size of bedroom 1

10 feet by 12 feet

Size of bedroom 2

10 feet by 12 feet

As this is south face house plan and the bedroom is located at the north east corner of the house and the second is located at the north west corner of the house

size is 10 feet by 12 feet which is medium size of the room and enough space for storing the house objects which is enough for the house

Between two bedroom there is storage room of size 3 feet by 4 feet where you can store some materials for storage purpose.


3 feet by 4 feet

The storage is located at the center of the two rooms and back of it shelves been provided over here and back there is one small open to sky provided with a size of 3 feet by 3 feet. and hence it is will provide some space and light with good air ventilation.

Size of column and column face

9 inch by 15 inch

Column face varies from place to place and depend on the room face and wall face.

Kitchen room size details and dinning room

6 feet by 8 feet 3 inch

it includes a dinning area also

Kitchen is located at the west side middle of the house and L size shape platform been provided here

Dinning area

10 feet y 8 feet

The dinning area is located at the middle of the house and the size is 10feet by 8 feet which is small enough for the 4 members in the family of the house.

drawing room

The size of the drawing room is 12 feet by 8 feet 6 inch and at the south west corner of the house which is best and good one.

Drawing room size details

stair case size details

6 feet by 14 feet

the space required for the staircase is 6 feet by 14 feet where you can go to the first floor of the house and the size of the staircase is as under the given below

step details

steps size 3 feet 6 inch riser 11 inch riser

the 9 inch wide wall has been provided over here and then two column size been provided here so le us have look over here.

center line plan details

center line plan details

In the above image the center line plan is provided this is the most important plan specially for the mark out purpose on the site and the grid line been provided over here. The center line been taken from the column center to the second column design.

In the below video you can see how to do the center line marking on the ground

center line marking of the house video life is awesome civil

In the above video you can see how to make the marking of the house with the help of center line plan and hence you will get some idea over here.

Few other videos of the house marking below you can check the videos here

28 × 40 house plan Footing center line drawings

Life is awesome civil

other few more videos you can check over here

Marking and excavation of footing according to center line plan

cost of construction

20 lakh rupees

for this type of construction of the house you need around 20 lakh rupees for the house construction and takes a time around 1 year for the house construction.

bed room center line

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