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house plan
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In this blog we will discuss about some important topic related to the house construction and plans

1000 square feet east face house plans for two brothers

14 feet by 31 feet house design plan

hall bedroom kitchen

As the above image you can see the 3d cut section of the house and with all the furniture design details. The main entrance been given from the east face house the house. The house is simple and with beautiful interior. From the top view you can see the rooms clearly

size of room details with plan

in the below images you can check the size of rooms and with plan

28 x 31 East Face House Plan Two Brothers With 3d Interior design

watch complete video of this plan and interior design click here

awesome house plans

Entrance face at east side

house the entrance has been given at the east face which is below the stairs and the size of the stair is 5 feet wide which been divided into two that is 3 feet plus 3 feet stairs.

the door size is 5 feet wide and height is 7 feet thickness 2 inch. entrance been provided below stairs with main gate been provided.

size of hall

Now we will discuss about the size of the hall with all the details the hall is located at the south east side of the house and size is 12 feet 4 inch by 9 feet

bedroom is located at the south west corner of the house with attached toilet and bath and with a small window in the bathroom

sliding window been provided at the west side wall which thickness is 9 inch

top view of plan in 3d

in the below image you can see the top view of the house with all the room size details

awesome house

As in this the top view of the house you can see the rooms clearly and the room size is as below given

size of hall 12 feet by 9 feet

size of bed room 10 feet by 12 feet

size of kitchen 7 feet by 8 feet

below are the few images from where you can download the images clear

Here you can see the top view of the house details with all the room sizes and the bed position with furniture details

hall and bedroom are located at the same place of the house

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