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25 X 33 South face house plan with center line duplex house plan design duplex 3 bedroom

One of the latest house plan with 3 bedroom duplex plan. this one of the latest design which we discuss in this article. every one want to construct house in less budget but, its not that much easy what they are thinking. In 2022 the construction of house has increased from 20 percent higher as compared to he year 2021. Below is one of the best plan of 2022 which can discuss below.

3 Bedroom latest duplex house plan details 800 to 825 square feet

25 x 33 duplex house plan map

High lights

  • ground floor details
  • first floor details
  • Second floor details
  • Centre line plan details
  • Footing plan design
  • column size and column position
  • Cost of construction
  • Time required for construction
  • Basement height and parking height
  • wall size details

Ground floor plan with 2 car parking size details 850 square feet construction

In the ground floor there space for parking cars with few bikes and with small living area with common bathroom. in the below image can check the details of ground floor.

ground floor plan

Car parking

car parking with the size of 25 feet by 18 feet 6 inch location at the south side of the house and in front with hall attached.

Hall size 14 feet by 13 feet just in front of the gate

Lift included

A Lift with size 6 feet breadth and 5 feet width for entrance to the first and second floor. The total cost required for the lift is 4 lakh rupees extra need for the construction of 30 feet height and a small house plan included in it.

stair details with size

Stairs are constructed in a size of 6 feet wide and 13 feet length with dog legged steps included in it. With total 18 steps 16 risers and 18 treads.

red mark indicates the column position and the blue mark indicates the walls and partition walls.

First floor plan with room details

As same as the first floor built with a hall living area of size 14 feet by 17 feet 9 inch and bed room of size 12 feet by 14 feet 6 inch which includes a small kitchen and with utility area built over it. check out the below image as discussed with all the plan details provided here.

First floor plan details

First floor includes living area, lift, steps for second floor, attached bath room, balcony with a small utility kitchen.

Hall size 14 feet by 1 feet 9 inch with the lift and bed room 200 square feet includes shelves cupboard a small window provided.
  • living area 14 feet by 17 feet 6 inch at north east corner
  • kitchen at south east corner 11 feet 3 inch by8 feet exact size
  • balcony at south side beside kitchen of size 11 feet by 6 feet
  • outer wall with a size of 9 inch and inner wall of size 6 inch

25 X 33 South face house plan with center line duplex house plan design duplex 3 bedroom

last but not least we check about the second floor of this house plan details below and check out the pdf image here below

Second floor plan details

One of the beautiful plan till now saw on this house plan. construction cost also very less compared to the other plans and best ideas applied here.

second floor plan details

such a wonder full plan and gorgeous looking image included and its your lucky to see this plan. you are one of the lucky person who has got this type of plot size as a south facing plots are very best for house construction purpose.

It includes the following details as mentioned below with room size details. In such a small space big size rooms been placed very comfortable manner. that is one of the greatness about this house plan. one of the best plan with big size rooms provided.

Room size details

  • Easy for entrance to house as bedroom located at south west corner of house.
  • bedroom size at the south west corner 12 feet by 10 feet 9 inch.
  • space of 11 feet by 12 feet 3 inch at east south corner.
  • lift also included here
  • even attached bathroom with wash room that great for the family person.
  • such a best plan with light air and natural power savings in house.

Center line plan details

One of the most important plan to discuss is center line plan or else called as the grid line plan. Its the most required plan for mark out purpose on the ground. with out the grid line plan it is impossible to layout on ground.

check out the grid line plan below as shown.

center line plan with column size

Distance from one column to next column shown above and can understand easily by seeing the above image with grid line plan details.

Footing plan with size details

Commonly 4 feet by 4 feet size footings used but for this house plan 2 column purpose 5 feet by 4 feet footing size used. generally 9 by 15 inch columns are provided but here 9 by 21 inch size columns provided which is such a great in consider of safety.

safety along with strong house design structural details provided in this house plan.

Cost of construction

Only 40 lakh rupees enough for house construction with a very cheaper then the others. loan facilities also provided by the government and by the banks.

Easily loan along with permission plans provided by the authorities for house construction. House construction on this plan is very cheaper then the other type of house but constructed with the help of engineer. Huge amount of money could saved if you hire a professional engineers in house consultancy.

Time required for house construction

Only 10 months are enough for this type of construction, when the available of workers. if workers and payment to done on time then it becomes easy. work will go fast and easy.

Basement height and parking height

The most important point to discuss last by not least about the height of house to taken 4 feet from the ground and 2 feet height from the ground for parking purpose.

click below link to check the basement height with details provided

Exact height of basement

check out few other videos related to duplex house plans

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