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plinth beam size tie beam dpcplinth beam size
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प्लिंथ बीम, टाई बीम, डीपीसी बीम, फ्लोर बीम क्या है?

Topics covered in this article post

  • What is plinth beam in house construction
  • types of beam
  • cost of plinth beam
  • damp proof coarse for beam
  • floor beam uses and where it use
  • covering for beam
  • bar size details in plinth beam

What is plinth beam for house construction

What is plinth beam In house construction

Plinth beam used to bind the column and insert its load from wall to column in house is plinth beam.

  • size of plinth beam is 9 inch by 12 inch for normal house construction designs
  • concrete ratio used is 1 part of cement 1 and half part of sand and 3 parts of 12 to 20 mm coarse aggregate.
  • use doctor fix it in it for more water prof
  • length and breadth of beam is 3 feet long.
  • 12 mm bar size used as main bars and 8mm or 6mm ties used.

Plinth beam helps to resist the earth quake load which occurs during the volcanic eruptions in the sea or in earth.

number of bars used for plinth is depend on the distance of span. For example for a span of 10 feet plinth beam size is 9 by 12 inch is enough and for size of 15 feet 9 by 12 inch size sufficient
plinth beam

size of plinth beam is 9 by 12 inch with the concrete grade used M20 which ratio 1:1.5:2

How many days we have to cure the plinth beam after concrete

  • Minimum you have to pour for 7 days continue and maximum of 21 days. so that it will get cure for another 28 days and 90 percent of curing gets completed.
  • Day by day it will get harder and the at the final step you have to use jute bag for cure purpose.
  • over lapping done in middle of beam for safety purpose so that it will gets tight.
  • beam to be taken at a height of 4 feet height from basement

What is tie beam in the house construction

The tie is used at a height of 7 feet from the floor height with size of 6 inch and width 9 inch.

Function of tie beam

  • It distributes the load from the above walls to the down to column safely so that a balanced load gets to it.
  • 10 mm small bars used in this with an amount of 5 number of bars in it.
partition plinth beam

There are two types most commonly in house that is partition purpose 6 inch and for main beam 9 inch size used.

How much covering to be given for plinth beam basically

  • Basically 1 inch to 1 and half inch covering to be provided for these
  • 25 mm covering to be provided for beam purpose and for column 40 mm covering and for lintel 15 mm for slab 15 mm covering is enough.
  • cost of cover blocks around 25 rupees.
foundation for basement wall with lime powder marking on ground level

For marking of plinth level on the ground foundation of beam there should be excavation to be done.

with size at least 2 feet wide 2 feet in depth.

Damp prof course in short DPC

This method generally used in house construction at a height of 4 feet from ground level.

This is one of the most basic and common method used in wet areas where there is continue seepage of water takes place.

Best mix ratio for damp prof course and its material

  • This is not more important work and can apply 1 part cement 3 part sand with 6 part aggregate
  • thickness to used about 3 inch on basement level.

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At last want to share few tips about house construction that always hire a good civil engineer for house construction purpose.

Role of civil engineer matters a lot in house construction design.

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