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30 By 40 North face 1000 square feet fully best 2 BHK house walkthrough with plan


  • Plot size and construction area
  • Plan with room size details
  • Real house images
  • You tube video with house walkthrough link
  • Cost of construction
  • Column size details
  • Window position with size details
  • Wall size and partition wall size details

One of the most beautiful and most liked house plan with all real construction images about which we going to discuss in this article. such type of house are rarely available to see and one of the simple and sweet house.

about which we are to discuss now. lets have look about it now and see the details below described.

Plot size and construction area

30 feet by 40 feet and constructed in 1000 square feet only.

This north face house where road located at north face house with 20 feet front wide road and has hall 2 bedroom a single kitchen with common bathroom with total 14 column of size 9 by 15 inch.

Ground floor details

  • Plot size 30 x 40 feet north face
  • 20 feet wide road at front
  • 9 by 15 inch column size
  • car parking 14 feet 6 inch by 17 feet
  • hall 17 feet 3 inch by 10 feet 3 inch
  • kitchen 12 feet by 6 feet 3 inch
  • bed room 1 size 12 feet 6 inch by 9 feet 6 inch
  • bed room 2 size 11 feet 3 inch by 9 feet 6 inch
  • common bathroom 6 feet by 3 feet
  • attached bath room 6 feet by 4 feet
  • passage area 6 feet by 2 feet 9 inch
parking area

Parking area

A size of 14 feet 6 inch by 17 feet at front side door placed with 2 steps placed in front of it. main door made up of natural African teak wood with cost of 40000 Forty thousand rupees only. Plan details of the house can see below.

watch full walk through video of this house on you tube

Ground floor plan details

At every 3 side 2 feet offset area provided for good air circulation and pipe line purpose and for natural light which mostly required for all houses with good health condition.

First floor house plan with details

In first floor it has 2 rental portion with 3 room at north face and another 3 rooms at east face side. following details of the plan as given below check it below.

First floor plan

Consists of room details

cost of construction at 15 lakh for first floor and 20 lakh for ground floor.

this took approximately 12 months for completion of the house and divided with 600 square feet two portions of 1 bed room 1 hall kitchen and a single common bath room

Ground floor details as described

main gate entrance

Main gate entrance with parking area

Here to enter to the door area with parking of size 14 feet in width and 17 feet in length with medium size car could parked easily. tiles of size 2 feet by 2 feet provided in parking which costed 40 rupees per square feet and double charged used.

In parking area tiles should be rough one so that these should be non slip and feels safe from rain water and oil.

size of gate entrance

10 feet wide and 5 feet height

Gate placed of size 10 feet wide and 5 feet height. iron gate is most preferred for long lasting and strong purpose.

Main door

5 Feet width and 7 feet height main door with vertical windows provided and at the front small 2 feet space to be left for entering purpose.

Hall size details

Hall located at north east corner of the house of size 17 feet 3 inch with 5 feet by 4 feet wide big window.

Granite of 1 inch thickness with 6 feet by 4 feet size with television unit. all house done with furniture and spend exactly 5 lakh extra for it. Hall acts like a passage area to kitchen bedroom and wash room in to house. Size of hall 17 feet by 10 feet 3 inch.

Plan of hall as provided above the following and at the back side attached bath room and common with passage area used.

At the entrance of the house there space for keeping show items which looks great and beautiful. A small tea table could be placed with it.

Below you can check out few images which will help for more information related to this house construction

First bed room

size of first bed room with size 12 feet 6 inch by 9 feet 6 inch at north west corner of house and wall size used of size 9 inch and partition wall size single brick work.

Kitchen and second bed room size details

Size of second bed room of size 11 feet by 3 inch and 9 feet 6 inch wide with shelves and 2 window provided.

kitchen located at south east corner of house with 2 window at the east and at the south side of the house.

Furniture work been done for the kitchen to cover all the storage materials for this house with kitchen slab height of 3 feet and sink provided.

best place to store the cloths is in shelves area with size 5 feet by 7 feet height.

only 40 lakh rupees need for house construction in just 1 year time for house construction.

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