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In this article i going to shoe the interior 3d cut section of the house plan.

This house plan consists of hall kitchen bed room and puja room with one hall

Room interior design

size of room

cost of construction

size of rooms

window size and details

  • Room interior design click link to watch full interior video of this house design

Awesome House Plan

click the link to watch the full video of this interior design

Awesome House Plan

As in the image you can see the 3d interior cut section of the house and it consists of

  • Hall
  • kitchen
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Common bathroom
  • Puja room


Hall is located at the west and south corner of the house and size is 14 feet by 9 feet and the tv unit at the bathroom wall. window been placed at the west face wall with a size of 6 feet by 7 feet with natural light and ventilation been provided.

color combination the hall is light sky color and is best as compared to the other interior design.

Bedroom design

first bedroom size

The size of the first bedroom is 8 feet 9 inch by 8 feet 3 inch and its located at the north east corner of the house. near by a well or else a bore well been taken for it so that there is a small amount of water been stored over there.

in the below image you can see the interior design of the bedroom of this house.

2 bedroom children and master bedroom

cupboard and shelves design all to be explained here as you can see the cupboard design been located at the north face of the house and it been observed at this point.

window size in bed room 1

The size of window is 4 feet by 4 feet at the east side of the house and aluminum window with sliding two been provided here. now we will check some other information about this

second bedroom details

The second bedroom is located at the north west corner of the house and has two windows. here sliding windows been provided with offset area about 2 feet been provided.

  • window size 4 feet by 4 feet

kitchen room size details

the best place for the kitchen is located at the south east corner of the house and at the east side wall of the house with lots of morning sun rays been provided continue and freshness been provided

window size feet by 3 feet

located at south east corner of the house

size 6 feet 3 inch by 5 feet

www.Awesome House

in the image we can see the kitchen on the top view of the house and it is one of the simple and best design pattern.

the partition wall size is 9 inch outer and the inner wall is 6 inch which been taken here

south east corner with one window and kitchen platform at the height of 3 feet size is 6 feet 3 inch by 5 feet

Hall details

The size is 14 feet by 9 feet at the south west corner of the house

www.Awesome House

Hall includes

  • Sofa set
  • television
  • granite flooring
  • tea table
  • window

a opening door been provided with a size of 4 feet by 7 feet height and with all the availability been provided here

Sit out cum Bedroom

Size 8 feet 6 inch by 8 feet 3 inch

In the below image you will get the in formation about the third bedroom size 8 feet 6 inch by 8 feet 3 inch

www.Awesome House Plans .com

A single window been placed at this room with a size of 4 feet by 4 feet with small interior design

window 4 feet by 4 feet

L shape sofa set

4 feet wide main door

Cost of construction

12 lakh rupees

The total amount of rupees required for the house construction is around 12 lakh and it is totally depend on the materials been used here and type of rod size used and the type of brands been used here.

cement grade used for house construction

53 grade OPC

43 grade PPC

There are two types of grade of cements are available for reinforced cement concrete OPC been used and for the plastering work PPC cement been used which is commonly used

600 square feet south face 3BHK house plan with interior design

house plan with 3d

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