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25 By 40 North Face Middle Class House Plan With Walkthrough

Hi Every one today in this post we are going to discuss about a beautiful house plan with complete walkthrough about this house and it consists of the number of following details and its fully new house walkthrough.

This post consists of the following details

1 Plan of this house

2 total number of rooms

3 plot size

4 Room size details

5 north face house plan

6 Total number of columns used here

& rod and bar size used in this house

7 Cost of construction

8 Time taken for the house construction

9 few more other details for the house construction of this house which will be useful tips for further to reduce cost of construction

25 by 40 north face front elevation design of the house

This is one of the latest north face front elevation design of the house which consists of 2 bedroom 1 hall 1 kitchen with common bath room and 1 attached bath room in it. now you can see the front elevation design of the house check it out.

Front elevation design

As here can see the beautiful front elevation design of this house and consists of one of the latest front elevation design. it has total 4 number of rooms with attached bathroom in it lets have look over it and can explain about it below can check the full video of this house.

Click this link to watch full video of this house with plan download watch full video on this link provided

Plan of this house with room size details provided in this

in this below plan you can see the all the details been provided about the plan which consists of the following details of the room size which been provided in this let have look about the room size details provided in this.

As here you can check out the details of this plan and it consists of the following room size and all the details of the house with the following as been seen check it out below.

1 Size of parking 16 feet wide and 10 feet length

2 size of hall 12 feet by 15 feet 3 inch

3 size of puja room 6 feet by 3 feet 3 inch

4 size of kitchen 12 feet by 8 feet

5 size of master bedroom 11 feet 3 inch by 14 feet

6 size of common bathroom 7 feet by 3 feet 6 inch

7 size of bedroom at north west of house 11 feet 3 inch by 13 feet

8 size of stairs at north west side of house 6 feet wide and 14 feet in length

9 septic tank located at the north west corner of the house below stairs it been used

10 these are the details of the room and the now we will check it out the other details of the house including the parking details of the house.

Size of parking and its details with the tiles used in it

Size of parking is 16 feet by 10 feet. there is enough space at the north east corner of the house with all room size details with enough space provided in it see the real image of this house in parking area.

This is the main entrance area where the parking has provided with one of the beautiful main door design whose cost around 35 thousand rupees of its construction and then now we will see the below image which will be helpful for you.

main door design of the house

Size of hall with all details in it

Hall size is 12 feet by 15 feet 3 inch which is enough for the family members to spend time in it and has enough good space availability in it now we can see the other details with the following images been provided in it.

This is the over all beautiful hall in which at the front side the shelves are provided and enough space for the television unit area also as been provided in it. now the color combination provided in it consists of light pink color with pale light yellow ice cream color been used in it. This has a big size window whose size is 7 feet by 4 feet up to lintel level been provided in it.

Size of puja room details

Here it the puja room is at the east facing of the house with the size 4 feet by 6 feet such that a single person can sit and do meditation or else the prayer in that room. now a days all are providing puja room in the house. Check out this image for more information in it.

Puja room design

Wow such a beautiful pooja room been provided for the house construction with all the details provided in it. This room has a diagonal shape ventilator in it such that it looks good and beautiful in the house.

South east corner kitchen size details

Kitchen located at the south east corner of the house with a size of 2 feet by 8 feet and it has 2 windows provided at the wall of the house with size 4 feet by 3 feet and other at the south wall with size 4 feet by 2 feet 6 inch.


wow such and spacious kitchen in this small size room that a great job for it.

Check out few other images of the house and see download from it.

Hand wash area of the house details

north and west corner view of the house with details

this is the beautiful front elevation design of the house with the following details been provided in it.

North west side bedroom provided in it with size details provided

The size of the bed room is enough and sufficient with lots of space with the cup board shelves used with the help of cement.

Master bedroom with image

Main door size details of the house

Thanks for watching and please share and follow for more other details regarding the house plans and construction.

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